Heritage Villas

Ancient Heritage Palace In Jaisalmer

Price starts from 7000
Enjoy the medieval charm of this Ancient Heritage Palace in Jaisalmer that promises you a memorable royal experience. Si More info
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Ancient Style Beach Villa At Korlai

Price starts from 16000
Just about sixty miles from Mumbai, this Ancient Style Beach Villa at Korlai beckons you with its old world charm. With More info
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Boutique Fort Stay Near Lake Pichola

Price starts from 20000
Rejuvenate serenely as you are treated like royalty from a bygone era at this elegant Boutique Fort Stay Near Lake Picho More info
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Boutique Stay At Kalimpong

Price starts from 9120
Enjoy the welcoming warmth of the heritage décor and old world ambiance of this enchanting Boutique Stay at Kalimpong a More info
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British Style Bungalow At Attadi

Price starts from 3500
This British Style Bungalow at Attadi in Coonoor is an ideal getaway for a quiet & peaceful holiday amidst a bustlin More info
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British Style Mansion On Havelock Road

Price starts from 3158
The Mansion on Havelock Road, a heritage hotel in Ooty is quite charming and reminiscent of the architecture of the Brit More info
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Chalet Themed Hotel In Gulmarg

Price starts from 14000
A flowery meadow and a winter wonderland, you can enjoy the best of both the worlds at the Chalet Themed Hotel In Gulmar More info
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Charming Boutique Stay At Binsar

Price starts from 8400
A hill station with the Himalayan panorama beckons you to enjoy a tranquil holiday at the Charming Boutique Stay at Bins More info
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Colonial Bungalow In Matheran-Maharashtra

Price starts from 5650
Breathe in the unpolluted air at this unique Colonial Bungalow in Matheran, also known as Asia’s only pedestrian hill re More info
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Colonial Bungalow Near Bhim Tal Lake

Price starts from 4200
Go back in time at this cozy Colonial Bungalow Near Bhim Tal Lake and get a taste of life in the Lake District of India. More info
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Colonial House Near SIM's Park

Price starts from 3999
Radiating old world charm is this Colonial House near SIM’s Park, heritage estate aesthetically restored at Coonoo More info
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Colonial Mansion In Fontainhas

Price starts from 6000
A gem on the beach town’s crown is the Colonial Mansion in Fontainhas, which brings old-world Goan charm and hospitality More info
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