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Thanjavur – The Glorious Land Of Cholas


The glorious land of the Cholas a heritage city, Thanjavur offers spectacular temples, art, architecture, painting, and food to its visitors. Numerous temples, structures that were built by the Cholas Kings during the medieval period still exist today as a glorious reminder of the beautiful heritage. History There is a lot of history in Thanjavur, so […]


Coimbatore – The Textile City In South India


The city of Kovai, better known as Coimbatore, is the state’s second-largest city – and a major manufacturing, healthcare, IT, education, commerce, industries, and textile hub. History When it comes to how Coimbatore’s name came about, there are numerous theories. According to one legend, ‘Coimbatore’ is derived from Kovanputhur (which literally means the ‘new town of […]


Auroville – The City Of Dawn In Pondicherry


A 100 small settlements, 2300 people, 43 nationalities, one community – that’s the ‘City of Dawn’ Auroville. Auroville lies 12km northwest of the town of Pondicherry and has its origins in the French language – ‘Aurore’ (‘dawn’) and Ville (‘city’). It is also said to have been named after Sri Aurobindo. Today, Aurovillians run a wide […]


Kasol – A Mini Israel In North India


The beautiful hill station of Kasol – christened ‘Mini Israel’ – is all about bakeries, reggae bars, and its famous trance parties. It is said that Israelis crave for experiences which they can create, and as a concept, Jewish settlements and experiences can be replicated anywhere in the world. Kasol is also famously called as ‘Mini […]


Ponmudi – The Golden Peak In Kerala


Ponmudi lies in the heart of the Agasthyakoodam Biological Reserve in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. The hill station, which enjoys pleasant climate through the year, serves as a base camp for hiking and trekking to the peaks in the Agasthyakoodam Biological Reserve. The region also has as many as 22 hairpin bends and features acres […]


Alleppey – A Destination For Dreamers

Allepey landscapes

Alleppey or Alappuzha is the land for dreamers, romantics, and wanderers. After Cochin developed into a major port in the late 1920s, Alappuzha’s importance as a commercial and trading center declined. Alleppey, however, still continues to be a major center for coconut oil, copra, and coir, and is also a center for marine processing and fishing […]


Wayanad – A Paradise On Earth

Wayanad - Online Travel Guide

Welcome to Wayanad, – the paradise on Earth – a calm, serene, ethereal place with a rich history and unexplored mysteries tucked away in its pristine green cover. Named after its vast expanse of paddy fields Vayal Naadu, Wayanad sits cozily nestled among the Western Ghats and borders Kerala – God’s own country – in the […]