Coimbatore – The Textile City In South India


The city of Kovai, better known as Coimbatore, is the state’s second-largest city – and a major manufacturing, healthcare, IT, education, commerce, industries, and textile hub. History When it comes to how Coimbatore’s name came about, there are numerous theories. According to one legend, ‘Coimbatore’ is derived from Kovanputhur (which literally means the ‘new town of […]


Auroville – The City Of Dawn In Pondicherry


A 100 small settlements, 2300 people, 43 nationalities, one community – that’s the ‘City of Dawn’ Auroville. Auroville lies 12km northwest of the town of Pondicherry and has its origins in the French language – ‘Aurore’ (‘dawn’) and Ville (‘city’). It is also said to have been named after Sri Aurobindo.   History Auroville is an […]


The Mystic Town Of Tiruvannamalai


Tiruvannamalai is a mystic town named after Annamalaiyar (main deity of Annamalai Temple).  History Tiruvannamalai is around 185 km away from Tamil Nadu capital Chennai and 210 Km away from Bangalore. A historical town, Tiruvannamalai has been under the rule of Cholas and Pallavas. The Hoysala Kings used the town as their capital in 1328. […]