Simple Travel Snacks Ideas For Road Trips In India


There is truly nothing more divine than a traffic-free road sans bumps, great upbeat music, a packet of bites and a company that doesn’t get carsick. Even a hardened traveler can get sick if he/she eats the wrong sort of food while on the road. So let’s put those soda cans, packets of Bingo, Lays, and Kurkure aside and see what else we can munch on while on the road.

1) Dry Fruits such as raisins, prunes, apricots, walnuts, and almonds make for a good snacking option, especially while on the road. Loaded with nutrients and high levels of iron, dry fruits seldom irritate the stomach and nor do they contain empty calories or refined sugar. No time to go and visit the shop, then try the online route to shop for the must have’s in your travel food kit.

2) People rarely carry Fresh Fruits while on a trip but they truly make for great travel snacks. Fresh and sweet grapes, delicate rose hued small apples, peeled oranges, guava with a hint of salt and chilly will make the trip truly sublime. While carrying fruits it would be best to eat them first and then move on others. 

3) Vegetable salads with slices of cucumber, baby carrots, and celery sticks are not only healthy but also tasty and safe to eat while on the road. 

4) Granola Bars are tasty treats to indulge in while you are on the road. A healthy alternative for idle hands that reach out for Lays or Bingo all too frequently! Chewy, tasty and non-perishable why would you opt for Kurkure when you can chew on this? Here’s a DIY video recipe that is simple & easy to make.

Kids Will Love These Travel Snacks!

Packing food for two or three hyperactive kids can be challenging, mind-twisting and life-altering. You will need something more substantial than dry fruits to avoid the high energy explode through the roof. Here are a few options to explore –

1) Mini Aloo Paratha makes ideal finger food for the kids though you may want to go easy on the ghee since you will be traveling. Some enterprising moms make a regular Aloo Paratha and cut it into triangles too as most often kids are enticed by the shape more than the taste. Here’s a super easy recipe for Mini Aloo Parathas for your quick reference.

2) Cucumber and Coriander Chutney Sandwiches make a yummy lunch or a brunch. Cucumber is light and coriander chutney is mildly spiced making this a perfect snack for the kid to dig in.

3) Sabji Sandwiches (Mixed Vegetable) is a recipe that an Internet mom swore by. It was fairly simple to make. Take any leftover vegetable from the previous day (carrots, beans or potato) and spread it on a buttered loaf of bread. Close the loaf with another bread and use the sandwich maker to seal the bread together. Cut the sandwich into easy triangles and feel good about not wasting any food! Get your hands on these simple tiffin snacks recipes from this cooking mom!

4) Apple Juice makes a perfect replacement for sugared soda drinks like Pepsi, Coke etc, that are nothing but empty calories. Apple juice is a rich source of Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. It’s not only healthy but also a delicious (a veritable myth breaker). 

5) Freshly made Banana chips make are great travel snacks for kids. Sweet, spicy and salty banana chips contain fiber, iron, and potassium and not to mention, they taste yum.

Plan To Hit The Road Early Morning?

If you are hitting the road early in the morning these breakfast snacks go a long way in filling your stomach.

1) There is nothing like flavored Yoghurt to fill your belly especially while on the road and the fact that it is high in protein and minerals makes this a perfect on-the-go snack while traveling. 

2) Hot Muffins just off the oven would be a mouthwatering treat for the kids that would certainly fill their belly and give you brownie points for preparing delicious travel snacks for the road. 

3) Smoothies are powerhouse breakfast that fuses good nutrition and taste in one smooth blending drink. Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange or Banana smoothies blended with yogurt makes for a satisfying breakfast that would go a long way for the kids. Watch the video on making healthy smoothies if you need quick and easy tips. 

4) Steamed Corn mildly sprinkled with salt and pepper is a nutrition rich breakfast with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin B. Light and enriching, corn makes an awesome breakfast snack on the road.

Simple Lunch Snack Ideas

If your road trip began in mid-morning then you would have to stop someplace for lunch. Packing up a light lunch makes a lot of sense. There are many non-greasy lunch snacks that you can prepare –

1) Peas Parathas made with minimal ghee actually make a good satisfying meal. Combine it with a cup of curd and you might not want to stop at the roadside hotel and risk the food. Using very little oil and ghee, keeps the food dry and since the vegetable is stuffed inside the paratha you don’t actually need any side dishes to carry along (which might spill) and that makes this a perfect lunch snack.

2) Theplas are Gujarati parathas that are mildly spiced and they make a great lunch snack especially while on the road because they stay fresh for two or three days at room temperature! That’s why Theplas are a staple lunch snack that most Indians will vouch for! Find varieties of this famous snack on the queen of vegetarian cooking’s web site 

3) A favorite among South Indians Tamarind rice is a very satisfying lunch snack (or lunch). Deliciously tangy and spicy, tamarind rice can be had with chips or appalam (pappadam).

Road Trips are made memorable by good food and company and if you opt for nutritious food you can enjoy the journey without the risk of falling sick.

Here’s a bonus tip – a nice video on Travel Food Ideas, if planning a Road trip with kids abroad!

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