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Thanjavur – The Glorious Land Of Cholas


The glorious land of the Cholas a heritage city, Thanjavur offers spectacular temples, art, architecture, painting, and food to its visitors. Numerous temples, structures that were built by the Cholas Kings during the medieval period still exist today as a glorious reminder of the beautiful heritage. History There is a lot of history in Thanjavur, so […]


Coimbatore – The Textile City In South India


The city of Kovai, better known as Coimbatore, is the state’s second-largest city – and a major manufacturing, healthcare, IT, education, commerce, industries, and textile hub. History When it comes to how Coimbatore’s name came about, there are numerous theories. According to one legend, ‘Coimbatore’ is derived from Kovanputhur (which literally means the ‘new town of […]