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9 Best Holiday Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu


The busy metropolis of Chennai has not earned itself the moniker of ‘Gateway to the South’ for nothing – there are numerous weekend getaway destinations where one can drive down to from Chennai. Whether you’re an adventure junkie, a thrill-seeker or a chilled-out wanderer, these destinations have something to offer for every kind of traveler […]


Kilivarai–Kodaikanal – A Journey through a Verdant Land


The agrarian eco-village of Kilivarai (or Kilavarai) and the scenic hill station of Kodaikanal (meaning ‘Gift of the forest’ in Tamil) in Tamil Nadu lie in a lush, verdant world where travelers can retreat into for a truly nature-inspired vacation.   History  The unique shola forests make for a stunning backdrop for Kodaikanal, which is […]


Coimbatore – The Textile City In South India


The city of Kovai, better known as Coimbatore, is the state’s second-largest city – and a major manufacturing, healthcare, IT, education, commerce, industries, and textile hub. History When it comes to how Coimbatore’s name came about, there are numerous theories. According to one legend, ‘Coimbatore’ is derived from Kovanputhur (which literally means the ‘new town of […]