5 Must Have Travel Apps On Your Phone This Year

5 Must Have Travel Apps On Your Phone This Year

Today, there is virtually no part of the inhabited earth that is uncharted in terms of living conditions, traveling conditions or food in the region, thanks to the smartphone. With a slew of travel applications springing up in the market, traveling is becoming easier and more enjoyable as these apps guide you through your trip on special mentions about a place, must-eat local places and must-visit places in the vicinity. Read about the five best travel apps if you’re indulging in a self-drive holiday in India:

1) Zomato

It is hard to fathom how one ate food outside before Zomato existed. When it comes to discovering the best local eats and nightlife haunts, Zomato is essential and one of the best. The app is conveniently tailored to each city and lists all restaurants under various collections according to cuisine, areas, budgets.

Travelers can choose to explore all sorts of restaurants and food in the city by reading user reviews such as go to the best bars serving beer, sit and enjoy the rooftop places in the city or even do a pub crawl using Zomato. What’s more, if one doesn’t want to venture out and needs food delivered, one can use the Zomato Order and get food delivered by simply selecting items from the menu – one doesn’t even need to dial the phone! Zomato is free for Android and iOS.

2) Foursquare

This one is quite popular amongst travel apps. Once you land, Foursquare is your ultimate city guide. Foursquare is tailored to match the user tastes and likes and is especially adept at helping one find attractions and places close to them that they might be particularly interested in, such as parks, shopping spaces, museums, and historic monuments. Although there are no detailed user reviews, one can see the tips left behind by other Foursquare members on the go, making it easier to quickly peruse the reviews.

Foursquare allows users to plan their trip before they leave by pre-entering locations and browsing through interested categories such as nightlife, entertainment, shopping, etc. The app’s gargantuan database of destinations and attractions allows users to use it in any corner of the globe. Foursquare is free for Android and iOS.

3) Safetipin

Solo travel, especially amongst women, is catching on in a huge way. Safetipin is a great travel app when it comes to personal safety and allows users to pin safe and unsafe areas in the region, thus enabling others to determine which areas are safe to access and which ones one needs to stay away from.

The app, which provides a map-based view of a certain region, also incorporates safety essential features such as directions to safe locations, emergency contact numbers and GPS tracking, etc. Unsafe areas appear with red signs, areas have safety scores addressed to them as well, and if one marks ‘areas of interest’, Safetipin also provides users with general precautions and other info. The app comes in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Bahasa, and Hindi. Safetipin is free for Android and iOS.

4) AudioCompass

In collaboration with the Ministry of India Tourism, AudioCompass is one such travel apps which contains an inbuilt library of guided audio tours for numerous top tourist hotspots, attractions and destinations across the country with more than 1,000 places of interest. One of the best things about this app is that it works offline, which is of great use when internet and mobile data signals are lost frequently while on the go.

This travel app allows travelers to avoid hiring tour guides at popular tourist places, thus saving them, from having to haggle for a price or trying to understand the accent, especially for foreign travelers. AudioCompass is free to download for Android and iOS. However, travelers should know that while the app itself is free, most of the AudioCompass guides are paid.

5) Safely Home

Road accidents contribute to millions of deaths every year. ‘Safely Home’ is an app developed to automatically detect and assist in road accidents without the intervention of any people. In the event of a road accident, the app installed on the phone protects the victim via the many inbuilt safety features, such as informing their emergency contacts with the victim’s location to get them help immediately. The ‘Save a life’ feature enables accident victims to receive early help by preventing all and any legal troubles or fear hassles.

For people whose cars have broken down due to running out of fuel or those faced with a flat or those who’ve been locked out, the ‘Roadside assistance’ feature helps people whose cars have broken down to get in touch with the best nearest mechanics quickly. Travelers can select the issue and switch on the GPS locator to inform everyone of their location. Also, the ‘Live traffic’ feature allows travelers to be updated about all city traffic news on their screens.

Download these travel apps today and make them your best friend for your next holiday travel. 

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