Microlight Flying – Family Fun Activity In Bangalore

This tour originates from Bangalore.

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Microlight flying in Bangalore for the adventure buffs. Enjoy guided microlight flying with your family and friends.

Has flying a plane ever caught your fancy? Chances are it has. As a child, you have indulged in a dream to be able to soar above the ground like a kite and take in that magnanimous view of the grounds below like Superman.

The SelfRoadiez team now makes it possible and affordable too. Our microlight flying activity gives you the mind-blowing opportunity to fly sky high and take a bird’s eye view of Bangalore as a co-pilot. What’s more? We offer exclusive airplane joyride for couples (CESSNA) where you and your partner can enjoy memorable moments and breath-taking views under expert vigilance.

Duration Of Flight Ride

The ride duration is for 10 minutes only and can be extended for an extra charge. 

 Best Time to Enjoy Microlight Flying

Microlight flying is an activity designed for bright sunny skies. So the ideal months to explore this adventure is from March to May and with clear sky exceptional days during the rest of the months.

Highlights of Microlight Flying

The adrenaline rush that comes from flying an airplane is unmatched. The rush is so real that this day will go down as a milestone in your life. The spectacular views and the limitless horizon notwithstanding, to be able to take control of an airplane and spend an hour at thousands of feet above the ground is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For at least an hour, you will be transported into another medium and feel in control of the world beneath your feet. Watch the various facets of the city’s landscape unfold from a vantage point.

Travel Tidbits

Microflight flying is a completely safe aero -sports activity and is conducted by competent and expert academy with a valid license and backed by years of pilot training service record. The training school is located at Jakkur airfield in Bangalore, also the place where this exhilarating experience takes a flight! The sky is your limit. So, seize it.

Available packages for Microlight Flying – Family Fun Activity In Bangalore

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Microlight flying is a single day, single shot experience. Once you’ve made a booking for an hour, here’s a typical itinerary of what’s to come on the big day:  
  • Arrive in the morning at least an hour before flight time at Jakkur Aerodrome
  • You and your co-passengers will be given paperwork to fill out as well as an overview of the activity from our expert fliers
  • All fliers will be given 20 minutes of training on the aircraft controls, dos and don’ts, etc. This training is mandatory for all fliers, whether first-timers or seasoned.
  • Fifteen minutes of prep time followed by actual flight 

Fly with Us

Under the expert guidance of a pilot, come explore the wild and exhilarating journey of flying. The sweeping views of the city and its topographical grandeur are sure to get your pulse racing, heart singing, and screaming with excitement. Microlight flying can be a perfect gift for your child or spouse too. For a change, do the daring and unexpected, and present your loved one with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  

Tour inclusions

  • A well-trained pilot to guide you at every step of the flight
  • Safety briefing and flight training
  • The chance to be a co-pilot for a round of flight
  • Take control of the flight while flying
  • For the CESSNA flight option, your best friend, a family member or a partner can join.

Tour exclusions

  • The activity cost does not cover any insurance or personal expenses.

Terms & Conditions

  • The area covered is limited to Bangalore city and is based on the duration of the booking. The more the duration, the larger the area that will be covered during the ride.
  • On special request, flying can be done to Mysore subject to flight plan and prior approval.
  • The activity takes place between 7 AM to 12 PM. However, on special request, flying time can be extended to 6 PM.
  • It should be noted here that the duration of the flight is subject to weather conditions at the time of flying.
  • The airplane flying activity takes place under the guidance of a trained pilot who will accompany you during the flight ride.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Children taking part in this activity should be at least 5 years old or above
  • All children should be accompanied by their parent

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel your flying before the day of your flying an extended validity of 1 month will be given (OR) 50% of the money will be refunded to your bank account.
  • If you cancel your flying on the day of your flying, No refund will be possible.
  • If we cancel your flying due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, logistical problems, etc) you can either reschedule your flying at any available date of your convenience (OR) get a full refund of the money to your account.
  • If we cancel your flying because you don't show up, are late, drunk, hung-over or other similar state deemed by our staff to be unsafe to fly you lose your money and owe us in any unpaid funds as well, as you took away the seat for another paying customer.
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    Microlight Flying – Family Fun Activity In Bangalore

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