Travel Jobs To Support Long Travel Escapades


There’s nothing better than traveling and earning money on the go – it not only rakes in the moolah required to be on the road but it completely transforms the way you experience travel. Travel and earnings needn’t always be at loggerheads – there are many travel jobs that can help you to earn money while traveling. We try to explore few options:-

Freelance writing and blogging

Are you a travel blogger? Then writing travel-related articles for websites is one of the most common and lucrative ways to earn money while traveling – all that you need is access to a computer, decent internet, and free-flowing ideas, and that can end up creating great useful travel content. In fact, one needn’t write only about travel but can blog about anything under the sun such as health, lifestyle, etc. You will be able to apply for future gigs by showing examples of previous work, thus building a solid portfolio, a good client list and even demand better rates. This could also lead to clients approaching you for work, which will ensure a steady flow of work and income that can support you while on the road.

Local Culture Expert 

Have you been living in a place long enough to have adequate information and expertise about it? Then you could become a travel buddy to other travelers! Whether it is information about a certain local dish or a place that you shouldn’t miss, travel is better with real local knowledge and better than any outdated tourist guidebooks. There are travel websites that allow people with good information and expertise about a destination to sign up and show around tourists who come there.

Additionally, you can even put your first-hand experience of traveling the world to use by creating useful guidebooks to their readers on their blogs. Such personal, useful content is always in demand and will be well received, and bloggers can also make some good money off it.

Photography Expert

Good cameras and smartphones are changing the way people take photographs. With a keen eye for detail, a creative bent of mind and a reasonably good click-happy skill, you can make money while traveling by selling your travel photos. You could take amazing photographs, set up your own ‘shop’ on photography sites and try and sell your photos to a variety of companies that have a stock photography collection as well as numerous travel magazines. What’s more, every time that someone buys your image, you get to earn!

Work In Hospitality

If you feel that you don’t have a specific travel-related skill, then the hospitality sector is always your best bet. Resorts, hotels, hostels, cafés, restaurants, and bars often look to hire staff from other countries for jobs such as front desk staff, bartending, cleaning, or in the entertainment/activity department of a hotel or a restaurant. Such jobs are usually connected to hostels where they offer boarding and lodging as well, which is a great way to earn some cash as well as have a roof over your head. You can simply leaf through local travel magazines and newspapers – many times places advertise for such work.


Do you have a skill such as playing an instrument or command over a certain language? Then you can teach on the road! If you play an instrument, any instrument, there will be someone or the other who would want to learn it as well. If you speak a certain language grammatically well, whether it is English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, German and what-not, you will certainly find someone who is interested in learning a new language. If you are adept at other arts such as a certain kind of dance, scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, haircutting, massaging, or even the art of yoga, you can advertise in local cafés and markets and find that there is demand for your skill and people are willing to pay for it!

Local selling

There is a huge unmet demand for unique, indigenous and locally-produced and made souvenirs such as Kesar (saffron) from Kashmir, tea from Sri Lanka, paua shell necklaces from New Zealand, eaglewood from Vietnam and so on. While traveling to different places, you can buy such products that are found only in that place and sell it online after coming back home. All you need to do is talk to locals about the best place and price for such purchase and check for the authenticity of the products. Yes, it’s a hard job and success does depend on many factors, but if you’re passionate about it, you could earn some serious bucks.

Editing Work

English isn’t the first language everywhere, and more than often, the English language is essential to attract foreigners that usually go about looking for signs that are put up in English, whether it is for food, lodging or even shopping. You can earn some good money by correcting the English grammar/spelling on menus and signboards of businesses trying to attract foreigners. This is a great way to earn money by simply providing editing services.

In today’s dynamic work environment, it isn’t very difficult to find travel jobs to lend financial support for your traveling passion. While it isn’t always glamorous and requires a great amount of hard work, it is worth the experiences it brings along with it.

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