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13 Adventure Camping Activities At Dandeli, Karnataka

Dandeli Activities

If you’re an adventure junkie who dives headlong into thrilling experiences, make a beeline for Dandeli, Karnataka, which is a haven for adventure lovers. Right from rappelling to river rafting in Dandeli, every adventure activity thrills excites and enthralls. 1) Dandeli River Rafting Get your adrenaline rushing as you tackle the Class 4 Rapids of […]


5 Offbeat Tourist Places In South India


Come holidays, everyone wants to beat the heat and take a break. With the result, there are thronging crowds at every viewpoint at the nearest holiday destination. To escape the crowd, one needs to take the road that is less traveled, offbeat enough to escape the notice of determined holidaying crowds and yet wondrous enough […]


70 Journey Songs For Road Trips In India


Engine-check! Petrol/Diesel-check! Road food-check! Music system-check! Road trip journey songs? Not ready? No worries. We got your back. How often do we listen to music in our daily life? An hour, less than an hour, never? Music is that one ingredient that would make your road trip all the more enjoyable. It allows you to […]


Famous Indian Foods – Regional Fare Of India


For some, travel is not merely visiting places it is also about immersing oneself in the culture, tradition, and heritage… in other words, they love to sample the local delicacies and find ‘nirvana’. You might find it surprising that for many, just the thought of a particular place conjures the smell and taste of mouth-watering […]


9 Best Holiday Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu


The busy metropolis of Chennai has not earned itself the moniker of ‘Gateway to the South’ for nothing – there are numerous weekend getaway destinations where one can drive down to from Chennai. Whether you’re an adventure junkie, a thrill-seeker or a chilled-out wanderer, these destinations have something to offer for every kind of traveler […]